STAY TUNED .... recommended music to listen to.

David McGill's Sound in Motion
This is the best guide I have seen about phrasing and musical expression. David McGill looks at the inherent grammar of music and uses a system of numbers (which represent relative dynamics) to make music sound expressive.

Daniel Barenboim Piano Masterclass
Watch pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim coach famous concert pianists. Notice how these details make the music come alive!

Schubert's Unfinished Symphony - No 8, Georg Solti, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Notice how the orchestra adds very little to the score, they attempt to do exactly what the composer is asking. This orchestra sounds different depending on the time period and the composer.

Schubert's Unfinished Symphony - No 8, Riccardo Muti, Vienna Philharmonic
The Vienna Philharmonic tends to add certain stylistic conventions to all of their interpretations. Their Austrian traditions are noticeable in everything that they play.

Smetana's Dance of the Comedians
There are many amatuer recordings of this piece out there. This one is quite good, the orchestra is not listed. Each part is clearly heard.

Dvorak's Slavonic Dance - No 8, Leonard Slatkin, Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Great recording, great orchestra

Dvorak's Slavonic Dance - No 8, Daniel Barenboim, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
FAST! and such detail!

All Star Orchestra
This series is well produced and presented. Watch the different episodes as they explore many orchestral pieces. There are also interview videos on their channel and special instrument feature videos for each piece. Listen and watch EVERYTHING that they do!

Conducting Gustav Mahler
Some conductors are famous, some are insightful and some are both. These conductors spend their lives trying to figure out exactly how to make music sound authentic and how to get a large group of musicians to work together. If you have not yet heard Mahler's music this would be a great place to start.

Mahler's 5th Symphony, Daniel Barenboim, Chicago Symphony
This is an incredible example of an orchestra that listens and adjusts constantly. Daniel Barenboim has some of the best ears and sharpest musical mind on the planet. His conducting style forces the orchestra to listen to each other and make independent decisions.